The colorful art of good eating

Our Story Begins In Bangkok, Thailand

Thai food, as exotic as it is, has increased its popularity as more people recognize the delicious mouth-tingling flavors. Thai cuisine are renowned for the use of sweet, sour, hot, and salty flavors to create tasteful savory dishes.

At Thai Bite Thai restaurant we pride ourselves on preparing fresh flavorsome Thai dishes to satisfy your Thai craving. We offer you arrays of popular Thai dishes to show you the delicious flavors of Thailand. Whether you want Thai soup, Thai salad, Thai stir-fried, or Thai curry, we are doing our best to fulfill your taste buds. 

Please stop by Thai Bite when you think Thai. We are looking forward to serving you at both of our locations, Aliso viejo and Laguna Niguel, California. Hope to see you soon.


"The color ful art  of good eating"